NBA Stars Battle
Samanta Sempere

From The Bench has proven, yet again, their passion for sports and video games with the biggest update until now of their game NBA Flip, which is now entitled NBA Basketball Stars Battle, the most addicting basketball manager card game on the market.

The app is back with a new and attractive design, playability improvements and new tournaments with which you can challenge thousands of users from around the world. You can choose from 30 of the official NBA teams and build your dream lineup, signing up to 300 players from the league, like Lebron James, Stephen Curry or Kevin Durant.

NBA Basketball Stars Battle is unique and very different the rest of the games in its category. It’s easy to play with a system focused on rewarding the user for his or her efforts each season. Enter each day, complete daily tasks and measure your strategic ability by challenging other managers in real time. That’s the only way to obtain the resources necessary to improve your roster and win the championship.

From The Bench is giving you one of the best sports video games for smartphones and tablets in recent years. Download NBA Basketball Stars Battle for free on your iOS or Android device and show them all who’s going to dominate the courts in each game.