Prashant Motwani

Not too long ago, on September 1st, 2018, From the Bench Games had a major breakthrough in the gaming field by signing an agreement with the National Football League(NFL) and the National Football League Players Association (NFLPA). This initiative opened a gate for a massive opportunity, which was creating a sensational strategy game called NFL Manager 19. This app explodes into life with stepping into the General Manager’s shoes and handling life-like situations of an NFL team and leading it to glory. (more…)

Alejandro Pastor


On the 25th and 26th of April, two of our players represented our company at the 2018 Students Fair, a fair directed towards the ESO (Educación Secundario Obligatoria [Compulsory Secondary Education]), high school and vocational training students, informing them about the different work and study opportunities that they have available to them after they finish their academic studies. This fair was organized by the City Hall of Elda, in one of the civic centers that they have throughout the city, called “La Ficia”.

This year was the first year that From The Bench attended the fair as an exhibitor, since all the other years we participated at round tables and corporate chats. The idea of having our own stand at the fair and being able to show everyone how we work at From The Bench and some of the activities that we organize to be able to win official merchandise in one of our applications was a very appealing idea for us, and of course, for the others as well.



We were one of the most highly-trafficked stands throughout the two-day event thanks to ‘one of the biggest attractions at the fair’ according to some users: Football Bros. This app was created almost entirely by interns at From The Bench, and it was just one of the apps that we showed so that everyone could get to know our apps. What’s more, we gave them the opportunity to participate in a contest that we created based on this app. The goal was to play and achieve the highest score of all participants, and for doing that, win a bunch of prizes. There were a total of 150 participants and a record score of more than 2,500 points. Incredible!



Once the exhibition part of the fair was over, we made our way to a round table session in which From The Bench also participated to inform the attendees about the different internship offers that we offer and which profiles we’re looking for in our company to perform certain tasks. The meeting room was almost completely full since there were a total of 5 companies participating. Not only were their Spanish listeners, but  there were also listeners from other European countries thanks to the CIPFP Valle de Elda. There, I began taking part, sharing with total freedom and uneasiness my experience as an intern at From The Bench and it was, without a doubt, one of the best moments of the entire fair.



A few days later, all the winners of the tournament came to our office to collect the rewards that they had won in the Football Bros tournament. They were able to see how we work at From The Bench and what our office is like from the inside. Here you have a picture of the best players in the Football Bros tournament along with their rewards. Our shirts look great on them, don’t they?

And what about you? Would you be able to beat their records in the next edition of our Football Bros tournament?



Alejandro Pastor


Last Thursday, April 19, 2018, two of our favourite players at From the Bench (Enrique Muñoz and Santiago Navarro) had the opportunity to represent our company at the CIEE Alicante, a company with more than 10 years of experience in student exchange programs throughout Europe, housing thousands of students each year in different cities.

The talk took place at the CIEE headquarters, at the University of Alicante, a building within the University campus with a great number of resources that can make these kinds of talks possible. At the event, there was one of the groups of exchange students that were here in Alicante. Each and every one of them became very involved, asking questions and showing interest in our company and, above all, one of our most important games, NBA General Manager.

In addition to informing the students about our apps and the process of developing a video game, our representatives discussed our company values, our concerns and the way in which we working. This was, without a doubt, an experience that we will definitely repeat in the future.

We would like to thank the CIEE Alicante for giving us the opportunity to speak at their office, and we look forward to doing it again soon.


NBA Stars Battle
Samanta Sempere

From The Bench has proven, yet again, their passion for sports and video games with the biggest update until now of their game NBA Flip, which is now entitled NBA Basketball Stars Battle, the most addicting basketball manager card game on the market.

The app is back with a new and attractive design, playability improvements and new tournaments with which you can challenge thousands of users from around the world. You can choose from 30 of the official NBA teams and build your dream lineup, signing up to 300 players from the league, like Lebron James, Stephen Curry or Kevin Durant.

NBA Basketball Stars Battle is unique and very different the rest of the games in its category. It’s easy to play with a system focused on rewarding the user for his or her efforts each season. Enter each day, complete daily tasks and measure your strategic ability by challenging other managers in real time. That’s the only way to obtain the resources necessary to improve your roster and win the championship.

From The Bench is giving you one of the best sports video games for smartphones and tablets in recent years. Download NBA Basketball Stars Battle for free on your iOS or Android device and show them all who’s going to dominate the courts in each game.

Socios fundadores
Pablo Alonso

From The Bench is the best company in Elda, and we’re not the ones saying it! Our town mates at Radio SER gave us this recognition in the second edition of their annual awards ceremony, which, according to the station’s website, searches to reward “talent, creativity, history, involvement, generosity, institutions or groups working to benefit Elda and the region of the Medio Vinalopó”. In the 15 years that we’ve been a business, we’ve received several awards in recognition of our work, but we were even more excited about this one, an award that comes from our hometown, the area that has witnessed our birth and growth.

Precisely, because of this special occasion, our friends at the station allowed us to attend the award ceremony which took place on Friday, January 29th in the Castelar Theatre (Teatro Castelar). Twenty-five members of our team attended the ceremony to celebrate this new success which, after all, has been achieved thanks to the efforts of the entire team. The founders sat in the stalls below, together with the winners of different categories, while the rest of the team sat above in the audience. Of course, there was constant communication between both groups via WhatsApp and Twitter.

Among the many different hosts throughout the event, the radio host Keru Sánchez livened up the gala with witty songs about each of the winners. And, finally, just before the close of the ceremony, the presenters announced the award for the best company in Elda. As they called the name, From The Bench, the crowd erupted in cheers and applause. Our very own Santi Pérez and José David Poveda went up to the stage and dedicated some emotional words to their company colleagues.

The gathering at the end of the ceremony was an exciting one. We couldn’t stop smiling and congratulating each other, to be able to proudly show off what we’ve worked very hard to achieve. And, of course, we couldn’t go without group pictures! Here’s one of the best of the night, holding the award with smiles from ear to ear.


From The Bench to the heart
Samanta Sempere

When I decided to study Spanish I knew the day will come when I have to spend a semester in a Spanish speaking country. Suddenly the day came and I had no idea what to do, where to go, who to talk to. Lucky me I found an add of From the Bench on my university’s website and applied for a 5 months internship as a translator. (more…)

Elx Emplea 2017
Samanta Sempere

Last Thursday, two of our best signins travelled to Elche (Alicante) to represent us in the 3rd edition of Elx Emplea, a forum aimed at providing professional training to candidates and bringing together of these candidates and potential employers. On this occasion it was focused on the improvement of digital skills. Once again, this local event was celebrated at the Congress Center between the ground floor auditorium and the exhibition hall, which was the place chosen for the business loop. (more…)

Madrid Mobile Summit 2017
Samanta Sempere

Once again, we’ve abandoned our humble abode to show From The Bench to the world, to continue learning and, most importantly, to network like crazy. In this occasion we’ll do it at the Madrid Mobile Summit, the European edition of the well-known event focused on mobile ecosystem professionals. The previous editions were held in different cities of Israel. (more…)

China Superleague
Samanta Sempere

The countdown has begun for our official arrival in China where we’ll be making our way into the National Superleague with three of our best games: Top Stars Football, Flip Football and Fantasy Manager Football. We reached an agreement this past summer with Crazy Sports, a video game development company headquartered in Beijing that belongs to Conglomerate V1. (more…)