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New Game! NBA FLIP

NBA Flip is the new game we released for NBA fans. The game mechanics are simple but based deeply on strategy. Thousands of users have already been hooked since its launch. NBA Flip is finally available for both iOS and Android. It’s a game that stands out with its gameplay simplicity, but also for being very difficult to master.

NBA Flip is a card game based on basketball strategy, where the objective is to flip as many of your opponents’ cards as possible, adding more points and winning games.

With this new game, the company from Alicante stands out from the traditional “trading card games” with an innovative gameplay, unlike anything seen so far in the sports category. Its development is inspired by original card games, but with a very addictive live Player vs. Player mechanic.

In NBA Flip, the goal is to collect all the NBA superstars, creating the best possible lineup and play games in real time, games in which you make the decisions, creating a unique experience for you and your opponent. There are 3 different ways of playing:

–    The Regular Season, in which you earn a reward at the end of each month depending on the highest division reached
–    Tournaments, where you have to put everything on the line in each round, because just 1 loss will eliminate you from the competition.
–    Friends, a format that allows you to challenge your friends and show them who’s the best.

In addition, if you reach the highest division, you will play in a unique competition, where only the best will be, and with exclusive virtual rewards.

Are you ready? Play now!

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Santiago Pérez
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