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Your chance to choose the tactics for your players has arrived

A new feature has come to Fantasy Manager with which you’ll be able to choose the best strategy for your players in each match. Will you be able to provide them with the best instructions? Because now you’ll have more to do with the result of the game, choosing your players’ roles on offense and defense.

Do you like playing counterattack? You could direct your players to run a counterattack, along the sides and also to make long passes so that the ball reaches the zone quicker. Do you prefer to keep control of the ball at all times? Tell your players to use short passes, reducing the distance between the lines and dominate the ball.


Do you prefer to defend in the zone or man-to-man? Do you like to put high pressure on your opponent or wait? Everything matters, and whatever you choose could turn the match at any time in your favour.

Keep in mind that if you don’t choose a strategy for your team, the chances of defeating your opponent will be minimal. You should choose your best strategy since you won’t have one by default.

The strategy that you choose for your team will be valid for the rest of the league season, although you can continue to change it whenever you want. When the league ends your strategy will be reset. Don’t forget to reconfigure it before your first league match!

Take advantage of the Spy to ensure you have the best strategy for your players. With the Spy you’ll be able to see which strategy your opponent has configured to play against you. Are they going to base the match on their star player? Choose the best defensive strategy to ensure they cover him good and you’ll have a better chance of winning!

How can you know which strategy is effective on offense or defense? You can check if your strategy has been successful by checking the results from the previous league match, where you’ll be able to see the detailed comparison between your and your opponent’s strategy. you’ll have to determine with each match which strategies will be more effective both on offense and defense depending on the one chosen by your opponents.


What are you waiting for? Your players are waiting for your instructions so they can give their all on the pitch!

Fran Tenza
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