After working hard to place our games among the best of the best and making the Fantasy Manager and NBA General Manager franchises world renowned, we also wanted the creative brand of these games to be recognized.

We already had a base, the logo of From the Bench which represents the values and the origin of the company, but we needed to formalize a style consistent with the current trends and make it more simple and direct. For that, we changed to the use of a flat color palette (flat colors) and straight lines free from deterioration.

 This complete image update can be seen clearly in the new line of the corporate material which, in turn, we base on the concept of an app in a device as you can see in the images.

Have you visited our web page yet? You’ll see that the page has been completely redesigned as part of this concept and new style, also adding the new trend answered within the digital design.

Another strong point to highlight, is the use of the logo in its horizontal version, where it isn’t used as a representative icon and it is the largest of all challenges: Being recognized only by the logo.

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